Role: Researcher, Designer and Developer
Thanks: Jignesh Khakhar, Simon Penny, Anand Sukumaran, Mochu


A Visual History of Voice

VoxboX is an interactive web-based visualization that represents technological interventions in the realm of Human Voice. It has been informed through a historical investigation into the techniques, philosophies and contexts underlying artificial voice synthesis over the last 300 years. This was supported through related enquiries into the physics and physiology of voice production. A parallel line of research focused on auditory perception and the rich range of expressive potentialities of the human voice.

These threads of explorations were integrated along the dimensions of "physiology", "physics" and "perception." These themes were visualized as the three axes of a cube in the Euclidean space. Visual mapping techniques were borrowed from the practices of qualitative research to define the characteristics of these axes and to plot the various voice-artifacts onto this emergent framework. The interactions were designed so that the modes of accessing knowledge were non-linear and open for individual engagement and interpretation.

Final Design of the Interactive Visualization

Process Work

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