Team: Tanuja Mishra (Design Lead), Rawan AbuShaban (Business Lead), Josh Guffey (Development Lead & User Interface Design), Joan Tionko (Graphic Design), Alma Chen, Rafayel Mkrtchyan (Business and Technology support), Paige Gutierrez (User Interface support) 


The Bookselves iOS app was designed to serve as an online platform for book-lovers. It helped users to meet each other and explore books that other people own so that they can meet in real life, trade real books, and foster real relationships with likeminded book-lovers.

The app holds a user’s “bookself,” or an in-app bookshelf that contains the titles of every book the user adds and wishes to trade for something else. The user can either seek out a book that belongs to someone else and initiate a match, or wait for someone else to find their book and do the same. The app serves as a meeting scheduler, offering a map function to select times and public places to meet, such as parks, libraries, and coffee shops.

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